We’ve read in home magazines consistently since Covid first broke out, what people are looking for in their homes are finishes that provide warmth and comfort, especially through the use of textures and tactile materials. It would appear that the bathroom is not immune to this trend. We asked Becks at Tilemax Queenstown about her take on this years trends, and what products they are seeing flying out the door…..

“I would totally agree with the home magazine statement you quoted, regarding warmth and comfort. We are seeing a lot of warmer tones coming through. Creams, beige, warm toned grey often paired back with a simple off white feature tile. Our clients are looking to add texture and lush finishes like wood vanities and rich coloured tap ware. More time at home has people really wanting to enjoy their spaces, customers are picking colours that they feel connected to and being less worried about what others think or the “resale” factor. For us it’s really exciting to see. I do love a classic look but I also get a real kick out of customers choosing what they love rather then what the think they should get. Its something I say often to clients when spending time with them in our showroom  “pick what you love and it will all come together” 

There are two main styles we are seeing come through. First is one tile throughout on the floors and the walls. It may sound basic but classic is back. For example our ever popular Stellar range is designed beautifully to replicate traditional natural cross cut travertine. Creating a sense of calm that may seem old school at first glance but in a modern tone with a smooth satin finish. This type of tile has an understated elegance that ticks many style boxes. A tile such as Stellar Bianco doesn’t necessarily need a feature it simply speaks for itself. Pairing a tile like this with a wood textured vanity, carefully chosen tap ware and curves such as a soft cornered mirror is all this type tile needs to shine. Where possible having any exposed tiled corners such as a niche shelf, in a mitred finish rather then the use of trim elevates this simple and effective look. The result is a classic spa like feel that people are really craving for their busy lives. They want to get home and feel calm and relaxed. Simplicity for the win. Traditional style that will stand the test of time. 

The other trend and opposite of above is a pop of colour. An industrial concrete or an azure blue terrazzo for example paired with a coloured feature. This is for the customers who really want something fun and surprising in their space. A lot of our clients are looking to get maximum impact from their budget. A great way to achieve this is to run the floor tile up one wall (often a more friendlier price then a feature tile) to 1200 high with or with out a built in shelf so you can splash out on a feature from that height to the ceiling. A fun, modern look that’s refreshing and very now. 

It’s an effective and clever use of space that packs and real bang for its buck for those who are conscious of budget. 

I like to think there are really no right or wrongs when it comes to personal style. Its really lovely to see more and more customers enjoying the process and really thinking outside the box to get the most out of their build or renovation. Tiles are a luxury, while its so cool seeing trends come through, its even cooler seeing the results with happy customers. Clients more then ever want to see where their money is going, so helping each person who walks through our doors to get the dream result is the absolute best! 

Just go for it and trust your taste, it is your space after all! “

Ferguson Builders appreciate and love working with the fantastic suppliers and subbies that we work with and our clients are so lucky to get to utilise such expertise and passion as Becks provides. We thank her for her time on this blog and for her continued commitment to our many clients that she helps create beautiful bathrooms for in their homes.